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International Discussion Meeting
On Polymer Crystallization 2019
943 506 061 info@idmpc19.com

Prof. Friedrich Kremer

Presentation: The fingerprints of homogeneous nucleation and crystallization in Polyamid-66 as studied by combined InfraRed (IR) Spectroscopy and Fast Scanning Chip Calorimetry

Friedrich Kremer is professor emeritus at the university of Leipzig, where he hold the chair for molecular physics from 1993 – 2015. He graduated in theoretical physics (LMU Munich) and received his PhD at the university of Freiburg in experimental biology. From 1978 - 1995 he joined the Max-Planck-Institue (MPI) for solid state physics (Stuttgart) and from1985 – 1993 the MPI for polymer research (Mainz). From 1999 – 2003 he was chairman of the sections "Polymerphysik" and "Chemische Physik und Polymer-physik" of the German Physical Society (DPG). His research is focused on structure and dynamics in soft condensed matter especially as studied by Broadband Dielectric and refined InfraRed (IR) Spectroscopy. He published more than 390 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science, PRL, Macromolecules etc and edited several books. From 1993 – 2015 he was co-editor of “Colloid and Polymer Science” and acts since then as advisory editor in chief. In 2005 he received the Karl Heinz Beckurts Award for his achievements in promoting Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy and its applications and in 2011 the Wolfgang Ostwald Prize of the German Colloid Society.