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International Discussion Meeting
On Polymer Crystallization 2019
943 506 061 info@idmpc19.com

Prof. Ewa Piorkowska

Presentation: Crystallization of nucleated polypropylene and polypropylene nanocomposites under high pressure

Degrees and positions:

2018 coordinator of Polymer Division, CMMS PAS
2016 full professor
2009 head of Department of Polymer Structure, CMMS PAS
2008 Professor title (awarded by the President of Poland)
1998 D.Sc. (habilitation) CMMS PAS
1985-1986 post-doc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
1985 Ph.D. CMMS PAS
1979 M.Sc, Technical University Lodz

Since 1997 r. a member (by election) of IUPAC Subcommitte: Structure and Properties of Commercial Polymers

Awards: 2017- Award of Minister of Science and Higher Education (Poland) for outstanding scientific achievements.

Publication activity: More than 100 publications, 3 book chapters,
editor of Handbook of Polymer Crystallization, E.Piorkowska, G.C.Rutledge Eds., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken NJ, USA, 2013, ISBN 978-0-470-38023-9.

Citations: more than 2800 citations (without self-citations), h-idex 27 (according to Web of Science).

Research activity:

  • crystallization of isotactic polypropylene (iPP) and iPP based nanocomposites under high pressure
  • crystallization of biodegradable polymers and their composites, including shear flow induced crystallization of biodegradable polymers
  • multifunctional modification of fibrous materials

prof. E. Baer, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH, USA, prof. Ph. Dubois, University of Mons-Hainaut, Belgium, dr M. Slouf, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague, The Czech Republic: prof. J.M. Haudin and dr. Severine Boyer, Centre for Material Forming, MINES ParisTech, PSL–Research University, Sophia Antipolis, France, prof. Gilles Regnier, ENSAM –ParisTech, Paris, France.

Foreign experience:

USA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, post-doc, 1 year,1985-1986, visiting scientist, 7 months in 1987-1990

France: Ecole des Mines de Paris, Sophia Antipolis, visiting scientist, 2 weeks in 1997.
Universite Claude Bernard Lyon-1, Lyon, visiting scientist, 2 weeks in 1999.
ENSAM, ParisTech, Paris, visiting professor, 1 month in 2018.

USA: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, lectures on “Polymer crystallization”, 2 weeks in 2000, short term scholar, 11 weeks in 200-2016.